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Commutator Cleaning Stick / Burnishing Brush
/ Carbon & Rust Removing Stick

Commutator Cleaning Stick / Burnishing Brush / Carbon & Rust Removing Stick


To complement our Industrial Product Range of Carbon Brush, Holder, Constant action springs… we now also offer Commutator Maintenance Spars.

It is basic requirement that the Commutator is clean & brushes are properly bedded in for proper current flow before the motor is run at full speed.

When replacing carbon brushes it is recommended that you clean the Commutator on the motor armature. This can massively extend the life of the new brushes and makes the motor work more effectively as then the carbons have a better contact with the Commutator itself. For general cleaning & exclusive carbon removal from Commutator on site we offer you this stick type brushes from the hour of “BHATT”.

Commutator cleaning stick is used to refresh the surface of the motor Commutator in a machine before the carbon brushes are replaced. This is a very fine abrasive stick which cleans the Commutator segments without doing any harm to them. A Gentle Brushing action cleans & polishers & variety of surfaces metallic & non metallic. We just have to put C. C. Stick in the direction of rotation and with medium pressure move left and right to clear to Commutator surface. More details are given in manual of C.C. Stick.

This stick will not contaminate or alter the electrical and mechanical properties of the surfaces cleaned. This Cleaning will not leave any search mark, on Commutator/precious surface like glass/emery paper. Will not reduce /cut size of Commutator/precious surface. It is time saving & safe. It is designed to reach into the commutator whilst the motor is still in place/onsite. Saving the time needed to remove the motor. Stick can be fitted in holder to research difficult places. You can clean the Commutator on site.

This stick is available in diameters of 6mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm.Sp. Big size stick can also be made of as per specific requirement for sp. Application. You can use complete length of stick by cutting back protective coating as brush wears.

Stick comes with a manual for your ready reference.